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Exploration of Historical Sites and Historical Videos

In this section are YouTube videos of historical interest, some filmed locally by us and some worldwide by others. Go to my YouTube channel (Dale Keklock) and you will find many more videos.

Historical Societies

In this section you can find the websites and Face Book pages of local historical societies. Most of them meet monthly and you can keep in touch with them as to when their meetings and programs are happening.

Useful Websites

In this section are other websites and Face Book pages pertaining to research and local history. The Black Sage Project band writes songs about local history. Dave Ingerson wrote the "Streets of Honesdale", a song about Honesdale Pa. and "Timber and coal", a song about Forest City Pa. along with many other songs about the history of the coal mining industry in Northeast Pa. "Mudrun" is a song about the train wreck of 1888 that happened between Hazleton and Wilkes Barre Pa. These and other songs that he wrote can be heard on their page.

Edgerton Village has info on the old coalmining town of Edgerton, located behind Aylesworth Park in Jermyn, Pa., all the times and dates of the walking tours and excursions.

Ezra S Griffin camp 8 is a civil war museum located under city hall in Scranton Pa. and has an open house on the third Saturday of each month from 12 noon till 3pm.

Pa. mine maps has scanned mining maps of the areas that were undermined for anthracite.

Anthracite Heritage Museum has fascinating exhibits that guide you on a journey through "coal country".

Black Sage Project Band

They are a local band that teaches local history through song.

Research Websites

In this section are websites that will help with historical research. On my YouTube Channel you can find more research videos. Dale Keklock@KeklockFilms

Archbald Pa Historical Society Website and Videos

Ezra S Griffin Camp 8 Website and Related Videos

Research Literature and Tools

Jermyn Pa Historical Society Website and Videos

Forest City Historical Society Website and Videos

Historians of Sterling Township Website and Videos

Unknown Photos and Videos